The name SAvS refers " Sheam Aviation Services Limited ". It has first started commercial operations in import cargo supply chain through customs auction bidder business at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Dhaka Bangladesh in 2016, then gradually evolved into aviation sector with modern information technology services, smart automation platform for cargo warehouse and various data integration solutions. Today, we have been able to establish our capabilities through innovative ideas, applied research and development on various aspects of state of the art technologies, which are enough to step beyond the scope of the aviation sector behind other industries. Whatever the beginning, we believe that our visionary business plan will make a huge difference between our past and the future, which is an equation of complementarity and stability in building our business scope. Today the name TECHNICO represnts the technology unit of SAvS.


To be the world’s leading IT company that empowers businesses with innovative & sustainable solutions.


Regularly developing knowledge through research, building reliable and competent teams to achieve the company's vision in every area of ​​the business.


SAvS values Innovation, Sustainability, Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Adaptability, Customer-Centricity, and Continuous Improvement.
We prioritize creativity, responsibility, honesty, quality, teamwork, flexibility, customer satisfaction, and ongoing development in all operations.

One Company

We are one company called SAvS, which is a brand name of Sheam Aviation Services Limited. We are one SAvS family and It has different professional skills and experience. Today, our visionary goals, positive attitude and energetic approach to adapt to next-generation technologies have transformed us from a simple business form to an IT solutions provider.

One Family

We are one family which is a brand called SAvS to known.It is a family with more than 100 business professional and expert engineers. We have an environment where individuals feel comfortable asking for help and create constantly evolving relationships among all members where each entity must be flexible and adaptable.

One Goal

SAvS is an IT transformation company that draws strength from its experience and creates technology transformation goals for a secure future.

We always remember We are ONE and only ONE working towards ONE goal. our diversification, capabilities, activities and skills are ways to gain a competitive edge.

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